How is Airbyte different from popular ELT tools like Fivetran and Stitch?

Here are the main factors that make Airbyte different from tools like Fivetran and Stitch:

  • Airbyte is open source: You can leverage Airbyte for free if you’re ready to self-host, and you can test Airbyte without going through any security and privacy compliance process.
  • Building new connectors on Airbyte is easy: Airbyte’s Connector Development Kit enables you to build custom connectors in the language of your choice.
  • Addressing the long tail of connectors: Airbyte aims to support thousands of connectors with the help of its community.
  • Adapt existing connectors to your needs: You can adapt any existing connector to address your own unique edge case.
  • Using data integration in a workflow: Airbyte’s API lets engineering teams add data integration jobs into their workflows seamlessly.
  • Integrates with your custom data stack: Airbyte integrates with Airflow, dbt, Kubernetes, etc. You can get raw data and have it normalized or go through a custom dbt-based transformation at the destination.
  • Debugging autonomy: if you experience any connector issue, you won’t need to wait for a customer support team to get back to you since troubleshooting is easy.
  • No more volume-based pricing: It brings more predictability and one can replicate millions of rows without worrying about exorbitant charges.

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