Can I influence how Veezoo interprets and answers the questions asked?

Yes, you can! 

Veezoo provides a simple yet powerful language for ontology-oriented data modelling. The Veezoo Knowledge Language (VKL) is a SQL-based modeling language that allows you to semantically model your data in order to enable more sophisticated question-answering.

By modelling your data with VKL and Veezoo’s ontologies, you automatically get synonyms, more specialized charts, better question recommendations and pre-defined functions — all of which saves time while increasing the insights users can glean from their data. 

With VKL, you can also model your data in a way that reflects its true meaning while keeping your schema as it is. You can define your metrics once with SQL and reuse them everywhere, creating a shared understanding of your business company-wide.

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Marcos Monteiro

Co-Founder and CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro is co-founder and CEO of Veezoo AG. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Marcos moved to Zurich to study Mathematics & Statistics at ETH Zurich.

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