What is the advantage of using HeadsUp over building a solution in-house?

Firstly, HeadsUp delivers fast time to value without costly engineering efforts. Instead of spending months hacking together an in-house solution that involves building data pipelines, syncing data into existing CRMs, as well as cleaning and matching records, you can set up HeadsUp within a day. 

Secondly, your sales teams will be able to continuously make on-the-fly changes with HeadUp’s no-code interface. HeadsUp allows you to slice and dice your data however you want, and flexibly measure any set of metrics without writing SQL (like how many users used feature X more than Y times over the past 30 days)

Finally, the solution is designed by consulting with sales teams across many organizations. It will take in signals over time and get better at identifying high-value users, important predictive trends that will enable your sales motion to get progressively smarter.

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Momo Ong

Co-founder of HeadsUp
Momo is the co-founder at HeadsUp. Previously, he was at Facebook, where he launched Ad Breaks, and FiscalNote, where he oversaw product, design and analytics.

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