A product analytics tool to understand user behavior and identify points of friction in the user journey build better product experiences.

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What need does Amplitude fulfill?

Amplitude, via its core product, addresses the need for a self-serve analytics tool and caters to the needs of product, growth, and marketing teams, allowing them to explore data using a visual interface and get quick answers to their questions.

Product teams can see which features are used or not used, allowing them to decide which features to prioritize and which ones to kill. Marketing and growth teams, on the other hand, can see which acquisition channels drive the highest traffic and measure the relevancy of the traffic by looking at how many of those users create an account, schedule a demo, or make a purchase.

Recommend, a new product by Amplitude, syncs data back to one's product or to third-party engagement tools, enabling teams to go beyond analysis and activate the data by creating personalized customer experiences.

What are the benefits of using Amplitude?

    See how your product is used to understand user behaviour
    Identify points of friction in the user journey
    Find common usage patterns amongst the most engaged users

What are the core features of Amplitude?

    Funnel Analysis
    Journey and Retention Analysis
    Segmentation and Cohort Analysis

Which teams does Amplitude cater to?


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