A data collaboration platform that offers a unified discovery and collaboration experience across the modern data stack.

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What need does Atlan fulfill?

Atlan acts as a virtual hub for data assets ranging from tables and dashboards to models & code, allowing teams to create a single source of truth for data.

Atlan is built with collaboration at its core and deeply integrates with leading data warehouses, data lakes, business intelligence tools as well as Slack. 

What are the benefits of using Atlan?

    Agility: enabled by google-like search and discovery of data assets (tables, models, dashboards, etc)
    Trust: fostered by certainty and visibility of data quality, quality metrics, lineage, usage ranking
    Collaboration: powered by shareable URLs, contextual discussions, and the ability to export data downstream to tools like Tableau and Slack
    Security: ensured by easy management and governance of data with granular access policies

What are the core features of Atlan?

    Google-Like Search: Quickly search for data assets like tables, models, SQL queries, and BI dashboards
    Searchable Business Glossary: Correlate important business terms with any data asset to power quick and easy data discovery
    Automated Data Quality Profiling: Atlan automatically identifies data anomalies while allowing you to write custom SQL-based quality checks to customize reports
    Lineage & Impact analysis — down to the column level: Find dependencies between data assets and understand the downstream impact of changes
    Easy Data Governance: Manage data usage and adoption via granular governance and access controls
    Visual Query Builder: Atlan’s visual querying interface enables everybody in an organization to find the data they need
    Collaboration: Make use of in-line chats and annotations and generate shareable links for data assets and queries

Which teams does Atlan cater to?


Authored By

Prukalpa Sankar