A data collection tool that helps teams plan and govern analytics tracking to collect high-quality data and prevent errors from reaching their analytics tools.

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What need does Avo fulfill?

Avo helps you plan, collaborate around and implement your analytics tracking.

Planning: As you create or update your tracking plan, Avo learns your naming conventions and makes suggestions on how to stay consistent.

Collaboration: Avo offers version control, commenting, and review, allowing teams to collaborate on a single source of truth for the data that is being tracked.

Implementation: The Avo SDK and CLI help developers implement analytics with reliable type-safe code. Avo validates metric data, ensures it matches your plan, and syncs with your existing tools.

What are the benefits of using Avo?

    Built-in guidance on tracking plan management
    Automatic validation that tracking is working accurately
    Traffic control for multiple teams working on one plan

What are the core features of Avo?

    Tracking plan management tools
    Commenting and reviewing for team collaboration
    Accuracy validation via the inspector and debuggers

Which teams does Avo cater to?


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Stefania Olafsdottir

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