Brijj is a collaboration & PM tool built for data teams. It makes connecting data creators with their consumers easy, so they build valuable insights, to...

What need does Brijj fulfill?

Brijj helps data teams manage every step of a project in a simple tool that business teams will want to use.

  • Stakeholders make requests through a central portal so they always know where to ask their questions
  • Requirements are approved and recorded so the agreement is never in doubt 
  • Delivery is managed using the Crisp-DM & Kanban method which keeps stakeholders engaged so data creators and domain experts are always connected
  • Deliverables are associated with the questions that instigated them, so you always know what’s been analysed and why
  • Feedback is automatically collected so teams can associate real-world outcomes and value with the work they deliver
  • Data cataloguing and Data Discovery features are linked and stored along every major milestone in a project

What are the benefits of using Brijj?

    Effortlessly gather requests & requirements that deliver real value
    Connect everyone so that data creators and domain experts can deliver valuable insights, together
    Every question, requirement, insight & outcome is organized & searchable for ultimate transparency
    Make the value your teams provide provable and undeniable, so you get the credit you deserve

What are the core features of Brijj?

    Best practice out of the box: Like having Google Forms, Trello, Slack and Confluence in one for the complete data collaboration stack
    Request portal: Helps everyone give you the right context so that you can ensure project success
    Workload voting: Prioritize the insights that matter by “upvoting” work that provides impact
    Dual Kanban: Project cards on the public Kanban have a sub-Kanban where detailed work is delivered
    Knowledge repo: Share knowledge (Data Catalogs, Dictionaries etc) in one place through simple ‘confluence-like’ documents
    Discoverable projects: Requests, Requirements, tasks, chats, outputs & follow-up all in one place
    Insight Dashboard: Be able to quickly provide data on how business teams rate the quality and usefulness of your insight activities, helping you prove your value

Which teams does Brijj cater to?

Data Science

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