A tool to understand user behavior, build segments of accounts and users, as well as take action by triggering events and workflows in external apps.

Operational Analytics

What need does Calixa fulfill?

Calixa enables various teams at SaaS companies to keep track of users and accounts that perform key events while using the product as well as set up alerts to be notified on Slack or via email when a user or an account enters or leaves a predefined segment.

It pulls data from third-party apps, event feeds, and the data warehouse and turns the data into comprehensive views of customers.

Additionally, teams are able to set up automated workflows to trigger predefined actions such as Refund Charge, Extend Trial, and Create Opportunity (on Salesforce) based on user behavior.

Calixa integrates with Segment to ingest data and one can get started without engineering support.

What are the benefits of using Calixa?

    Identify and track users and accounts that perform key events in your app
    Proactively reach out to users who need help
    Act upon the data by triggering actions and workflows based on product usage data

What are the core features of Calixa?

    User and Account segmentation
    Readymade metrics
    Alerts and Actions

Which teams does Calixa cater to?

Customer Success

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Thomas Schiavone

CEO & Co-founder at Calixa