A Reverse ETL tool (also referred to as an Operational Analytics tool) to sync customer data from a data warehouse to sales, marketing, and support tools.

Operational AnalyticsReverse ETL

What need does Census fulfill?

Census makes data from the warehouse available in the tools used by sales, marketing, and customer success teams, enabling them to provide personalized experiences to prospects and customers. 

Data teams can integrate dbt to repurpose their existing models or create new ones using SQL and keep them in sync with third-party tools that Census offers destination integrations with. 

In essence, Census replaces the need for a CDP and makes the data warehouse act like one.

What are the benefits of using Census?

    Leverage existing data models that power analytics
    Use SQL instead of writing custom scripts to move data
    Go beyond analysis and act upon the insights via data-led customer experiences

What are the core features of Census?

    SQL editor
    Scheduled and continuous syncing options
    Integration with dbt

Which teams does Census cater to?

Data Engineering

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