A tool that enables sales and revenue teams to uncover expansion and upsell opportunities using product insights.

Operational Analytics

What need does Correlated fulfill?

Correlated helps teams close more deals by identifying users and customers who are ready to do more with the product and reaching out to them proactively in the moments that matter.

With Correlated, sales and revenue teams can:

  • Use product signals to find free trials or self-service customers who are ready to engage with sales.
  • Identify existing customers who are ready to expand their usage of your product.
  • Automate outreach by triggering campaigns inside sales tools.

What are the benefits of using Correlated?

    Visibility into which users or customers are ready to spend more, and when
    Reach out with the right message in real-time
    Find more expansion revenue and increase net dollar retention

What are the core features of Correlated?

    Get product insight Signals in real-time sent to tools like Slack or Salesforce so you can take action
    Automate Workflows to trigger actions based on product usage in your favorite sales and marketing tools
    Investigate which signals increased revenue and expansion

Which teams does Correlated cater to?

Customer Success

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