An ELT tool to extract (E) data from databases as well as third-party apps and load (L) the data into a cloud data warehouse.


What need does Fivetran fulfill?

Fivetran caters to the ELT needs of modern data teams.

ELT or Extract, Load, Transform refers to extracting data from production databases and external apps, loading the data into a cloud data warehouse, and post that, transforming the data to derive insights and drive action.

Fivetran offers source connectors with all major databases and over a hundred cloud apps, enabling data teams to extract data and load it into a cloud data warehouse like Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift. 

Additionally, one can set up automated syncs to ensure that data is always up-to-date in the data warehouse. While Fivetran offers SQL-based transformation capabilities, it integrates well with dbt, offering readymade dbt packages as well as the ability to turn one’s models into packages.

What are the benefits of using Fivetran?

    Makes data from third-party tools available in the data warehouse to power analytics and activation
    Allows teams to move fast without worrying about writing and maintaining code for custom pipelines
    Replicates data accurately from databases into the warehouse and via incremental updates, ensures that only new or changed data is synced

What are the core features of Fivetran?

    Automated connectors for cloud apps and databases
    Destination support for all major cloud data warehouses
    SQL-based transformations and dbt integration

Which teams does Fivetran cater to?


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