An open source data tool that helps engineers get data from their databases into the tools they use for marketing, sales, and operations.

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What need does Grouparoo fulfill?

Grouparoo enables go-to-marketing teams to leverage product data across the customer journey by making product data available in tools like Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Zendesk. 

Growth and data engineers use Grouparoo to set up integrations to move data from a database or a data warehouse to sales, marketing, and support tools. This is accomplished by using Grouparoo’s visual interface or by writing declarative configuration to define user cohorts and the properties they’d like to sync to the downstream tools.

Grouparoo is open source and also offers a hosted solution.

What are the benefits of using Grouparoo?

    Sync modelled data from the warehouse to operational tools
    Maintain confident data pipelines that enable other teams
    Own your data, control its flow, and prevent vendor lock-in

What are the core features of Grouparoo?

    Framework to configure your customer data definitions
    Profile and cohort generator based on your source data
    Pre-built destination integrations with operational tools
    Automated sync engine that keeps everything up to date

Which teams does Grouparoo cater to?

Customer Success

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Brian Leonard

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