A tool that uses product usage data along with other customer data to help sales teams at product-led growth companies convert users and upsell to customers.

Operational Analytics

What need does HeadsUp fulfill?

Product-led growth companies today collect a lot of customer data including product usage data as well as firmographic, transactional, and data from third-party sources.

HeadsUp helps sales and revenue teams use this data to determine which users and accounts they should focus on to drive upsell and conversions, as well as figure out the right time to reach out to the right users within an account. 

For example, if an account is on track to exhaust the limits of the free tier, HeadsUp can surface that data to the sales rep, allowing them to reach out proactively to the users in that account. 

What are the benefits of using HeadsUp?

    Know which customers are most likely to upgrade
    Identify power users and champions
    Understand what usage patterns are likely to result in conversion

What are the core features of HeadsUp?

    Prioritized list of users and accounts
    Customer journey view for each user
    Ability to segment users by usage patterns and other data

Which teams does HeadsUp cater to?

Customer Success

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Momo Ong

Co-founder of HeadsUp