A Reverse ETL tool (also referred to as an Operational Analytics tool) to sync customer data from a data warehouse to sales, marketing, and support tools.

Operational AnalyticsReverse ETL

What need does Hightouch fulfill?

Hightouch enables data teams to put data into action by moving it from the data warehouse to the operational tools, allowing go-to-marketing teams to access accurate data in the tools they use and activate the data by building personalized customer experiences. 

Teams can use SQL to create data models on top of the data stored in the warehouse as well as integrate tools like dbt and Looker to bring their existing models into Hightouch.

The dbt integration pulls existing dbt models via git and can trigger downstream syncing of data when a dbt job is completed.

What are the benefits of using Hightouch?

    Keep existing data models in sync with operational SaaS tools
    Keep the data fresh by scheduling automated syncs
    Enable GTM teams to provide better experiences to prospects and customers

What are the core features of Hightouch?

    SQL editor and advanced scheduling options
    Sync control using a git repository
    Integrations with dbt and Airflow

Which teams does Hightouch cater to?

Customer Success

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Kashish Gupta

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