A SQL data workspace that enables analytics teams to build better ad-hoc reports.


What need does Husprey fulfill?

Husprey is a workspace for modern data teams. They can seamlessly share ad-hoc analyses, recurring reports within their organization or even create a data team wiki - with direct access to the underlying data (metadata, sql queries, visualisations). Husprey comes as a great supplement to traditional dashboarding tools as our notebooks boost decision making with underlying data across the company.

What are the benefits of using Husprey?

    Outcomes and documentation to be closer - Notebooks that are shared with users are also directly linked to the underlying data reducing complexity
    Quickly explore, organize and share data - Notebooks allow you to quickly explore your data and tell stories that will boost decision making
    Leverage your team expertise - Get recommendations based on your docs or previously executed queries

What are the core features of Husprey?

    SQL notebooks - Your stories become the most consumable way for your teammates, your internal users and the future you
    Metadata - All your metadata are displayed where your need them (when writing queries) and can be integrated to leverage your metadata Transform layer (dbt Core integration)
    Similar Queries - Get recommendations based on the previously executed queries. Queries using the same tables or columns will be gently displayed
    Local Tables - Remove the hassle of CTEs and use different local tables that you can reference
    Glossary - Align on meaning with specific glossary terms pages so readers are aligned with writers

Which teams does Husprey cater to?

Data Engineering

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