A product analytics tool that learns the specifics of the business, validates data, and uses data science to uncover optimization opportunities.

Product Analytics

What need does InnerTrends fulfill?

With InnerTrends, product teams have a framework that enables them to:

  • Know what to track to identify growth blockers
  • Find pain-points automatically and understand their context
  • Uncover actionable opportunities that lead to more revenue


This offers a clear path to higher revenue via actionable insights highlighted by InnerTrends. Finding similar insights requires data science skills in the absence of a tool like InnerTrends.

What are the benefits of using InnerTrends?

    Align your team around the metrics that matter most
    Track the right things in the right way
    Validate data before driving conclusions
    Identify your biggest growth opportunities

What are the core features of InnerTrends?

    Growth opportunity finder
    Account-based analytics
    Engagement scoring and insights
    Personalized Tracking Plan
    Data Validation Center

Which teams does InnerTrends cater to?

Customer Success

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Claudiu Muraiu's profile on astorik

Claudiu Murariu

Co-Founder of InnerTrends