An open-source data collection tool with streaming capabilities and integrations with ClickHouse, Postgres, BigQuery, Redshift, and Snowflake.

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What need does Jitsu fulfill?

Jitsu is a Segment alternative that solves the data collection problem and enables companies to collect and store all user data in a data warehouse.

Jitsu offers APIs to collect data from your first-party sources — your website and apps, as well as from external tools used for sales, marketing, advertising, and support.

Jitsu’s built-in transformation capabilities allow you to transform data before syncing it to a data warehouse. Additionally, Jitsu can also send data to tools like Google Analytics, Amplitude, and Facebook, as well as to any HTTP API endpoint, allowing you to consume customer data directly in the tools that rely on them.

What are the benefits of using Jitsu?

    Open-Source: Jitsu is 100% open-source — you can deploy it on-prem or use Jitsu’s cloud offering
    Realtime: Jitsu sends data to warehouses in real-time and supports Postgres, Redshift, BigQuery, ClickHouse, and Snowflake. Alternatively, Jitsu can also batch send data at configurable intervals (down to 1 minute)
    User Recognition: Once the user identity is known, Jitsu automatically amends all previous records associated with that user based on an anonymous cookie-based ID
    Data Enrichment: Once an event is processed, Jitsu applies data enrichment rules and adds computed fields. It includes user agent parsing and IP GEO information lookup (with MaxMind)
    Data Replay: Every incoming event is saved to JSON logs on the local filesystem or on cloud storage (S3, GCE), allowing you to load historical data when configuring a new destination

What are the core features of Jitsu?

    Push API: Push events to Jitsu via a number of available APIs: JavaScript SDK, HTML snippet, HTTP API, iOS SDK, and Android SDK
    Pull from API: Pull data from 100+ external services
    Transform: Run data transformation on the fly based on rules
    Multiplex: You can send data to few data warehouses at once based on rules

Which teams does Jitsu cater to?


Authored By

Vladimir Klimontovuch

CEO at Jitsu