A user behavior monitoring tool that proactively surfaces insights from user activity to product teams.

Product Analytics

What need does Lantern fulfill?

Most product teams gather a lot of user interaction data but leveraging this data via a product analytics tool requires significant work in terms of dashboard maintenance, data segmentation, and graph observation.

As a result, many product & growth teams miss important information while some team members don’t engage with this data at all.

To mitigate this, Lantern monitors the available product data and detects meaningful changes in user behavior as soon as the change takes place. Product & growth teams are notified about product issues & opportunities in real-time, allowing them to take swift action and stay in control of their user experience.

What are the benefits of using Lantern?

    Removing analytics work: lets you be hands-off and monitors your data in the background around the clock
    Knowing where to look: surfaces meaningful behavioral patterns, including the most hidden ones
    Easy collaboration: delivers insights on Slack for everyone to see, promoting a data-led culture

What are the core features of Lantern?

    Instant configuration: connects to your data in seconds with plug-and-play integrations for all major analytics solutions. There’s no code, no SDK, and no configuration
    Automatic detection: notifies product teams in real-time when there is a change in product usage
    Impact & root-cause: automatically provides information about impact estimation and root-cause analysis
    Collaboration: supports built-in collaboration around insights to accelerate and improve product decisions

Which teams does Lantern cater to?


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Bastien Beurier

Founder & CEO, Lantern