LogicLoop is a business observability and automation tool to help operations teams self-serve setup alerts and actions on their data.

Operational Analytics

What need does LogicLoop fulfill?

Today, operations teams can access high-level metrics in dashboards. However, translating business insight into action proves challenging, e.g. Slack alerts when inventory is low, creating tickets to review large transactions, messaging customers to pay their loan. They either wait for engineers to prioritize or build internal tools, patch together apps, or do it manually. Instead, operations teams can set-and-forget rules wherever their business data lives. They can run scheduled checks and automation. They can run experiments to optimize their processes, and build strong operational know-how IP.

What are the benefits of using LogicLoop?

    Stop waiting on or going back-and-forth with engineers to set up alerts and automations
    Reduce embarrassing incidents by proactively getting notified instead of refreshing dashboards
    Increase transparency and coordination by centralizing processes

What are the core features of LogicLoop?

    Query data across warehouses, production DBs, APIs and GSheets
    Trigger Slack & email alerts, create review tickets and automate actions on a schedule
    Parametrize dashboards and share with your customers

Which teams does LogicLoop cater to?

Customer Success

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Jesika Haria

Co-Founder and CEO, LogicLoop