Metaplane is the Datadog for Data — a data observability tool that continuously monitors your data stack and alerts the right people when things go wrong.


What need does Metaplane fulfill?

Data teams are often the last to know about data-related issues, commonly finding out only when an executive messages them about a broken dashboard. Metaplane solves this problem by continuously monitoring data warehouse tables and columns, testing for things like row counts, freshness, cardinality, uniqueness, nullness, and statistical properties like mean/median/min/max, as well as schema changes. After building up a baseline of data points for each test, alerts on anomalies are sent to the user's Slack channel. Each alert includes metadata like upstream/downstream tables and BI dashboards affected by the issue so that the user can assess how important the issue is and how quickly it should be addressed.

What are the benefits of using Metaplane?

    Know when data issues occur — before executives or customers ping you about them
    Understand the impact of a data issue to focus on just the most important problems
    Peace of mind that systems aren’t breaking while you’re asleep
    Pricing that isn’t a barrier — start for free and pay for extended test coverage

What are the core features of Metaplane?

    Add hundreds of statistical tests within minutes — without writing code
    Automatic lineage between warehouse, transformation layer, and BI dashboards
    Provide feedback to the anomaly detection model within our Slack alerts

Which teams does Metaplane cater to?

Data Engineering
Analytics Engineering

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