A Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) solution for performance, compliance, and control.

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What need does MetaRouter fulfill?

MetaRouter provides SDKs and APIs to track customer data from your website and apps and sync the data to a data warehouse as well as to third-party tools.

However, MetaRouter does not load third-party browser tags when sending data to those tools — instead, it tracks all data server-side and offers controls to configure where exactly the data should be sent, including compliance at the point of ingestion. By removing all third-party tracking, a MetaRouter alleviates security risks and improves data accuracy as well as website performance.

MetaRouter is purpose-built to cater to the data infrastructure needs of enterprises and offers private cloud instances as well as on-premise installations.

What are the benefits of using MetaRouter?

    Performance improvement: Removing third-party tags can decrease page latency by seconds (thus improving your website’s performance) and significantly increase data accuracy
    Compliance: Instead of relying on a third-party’s promises to meet cookie & consent management for laws such as GDPR and CCPA, you can protect your data yourself
    Control over data: When your data processing stays within your private instance of MetaRouter, you can set the parameters to meet any regulation and if needed, you can even restrict MetaRouter’s access to your data

What are the core features of MetaRouter?

    Infinitely Flexible Transforms: The enrichment, filtering and mapping options MetaRouter offers are easy to configure with simple point-and-click options with full support for custom functions in the UI
    Sync Injector for ID Control: With the Sync Injector, you can leverage a graph of IDs via server-side integrations which enables you to control when, where, and how often partners are able to sync identities to the page
    Powerful Playbook: While built-in integrations can give you a head-start, parameter-level transformation control for every piece of data brings complete transparency into API mappings

Which teams does MetaRouter cater to?


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