A CDI solution to collect and sync data to third-party tools and data warehouses. It also offers CDP capabilities along with data governance tools.

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What need does mParticle fulfill?

mParticle core offering is their CDI solution that takes care of data collection and syncing. It also offers audience building and identity resolution (CDP capabilities) as add-ons.

mParticle offers a range of SDKs and an HTTP API to track data from first-party data sources — website, web app, and mobile apps, as well as from almost three dozen third-party tools (Feed integrations in their directory).

mParticle enables teams to build audiences by combining data from multiple sources and syncing these audiences to a range of advertising and marketing tools for personalization purposes (Audience integrations). Additionally, teams can sync raw events to a data warehouse as well as to a range of third-party tools to trigger workflows (Event integrations).

What are the benefits of using mParticle?

    Event data can easily be made available in a variety of third-party tools
    Customer experiences can be personalized by combining data from multiple sources
    GTM teams have the flexibility to work with data without relying on the Data team

What are the core features of mParticle?

    SDKs and APIs to collect data, store it in a warehouse, and sync it to third-party tools
    Tools to enforce data governance and ensure data accuracy
    Identity resolution and audience segmentation (core CDP capabilities)

Which teams does mParticle cater to?


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