A data platform that allows teams to explore their data, and get answers to their questions without code or complicated data modeling.

What need does Narrator fulfill?

Narrator is an end-to-end data platform for modeling and querying any data in your data warehouse. It’s designed to enable ad-hoc queries and in-depth analytics without constantly having to rebuild data models.

Narrator is simple enough for single-person data teams but also powerful enough for large organizations. It uses a single, consistent data model that is easy to build and scales to any size data. That model powers a simple interface to quickly answer common business questions without requiring code.

Typically, Narrator’s end users are consumers of data — heads of marketing, executives, product managers, and others who want to understand churn, conversion, customer behavior, campaign performance, etc.

What are the benefits of using Narrator?

    Answer any business question without code across all your data
    No more waiting to get answers as data requests are fulfilled in under 10 minutes
    Always know what data to use — a single data model ensures a single source of truth

What are the core features of Narrator?

    A platform for connecting to a data warehouse and transforming source data into a consistent format
    A tool for quickly querying your data or asking data questions without the need for SQL or code
    A set of pre-built, in-depth analyses that answer important business questions like what’s my customer acquisition cost (CAC) or what’s my customer lifetime value (CLTV)?

Which teams does Narrator cater to?

Customer Success

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