A product-led sales platform that helps you understand your best self-serve users and convert them into high-value customers.

Operational Analytics

What need does Pocus fulfill?

Pocus puts sales teams in the driver’s seat by helping them identify, prioritize, and understand their self-serve users to ultimately convert them to high-value customers.

Pocus combines product and customer data into a single holistic view so you can easily prioritize opportunities, understand why they are ready for sales, and take customized action. Pocus allows non-technical users to configure views, signals, and alerts that fit their specific workflow, all without engineering supports

What are the benefits of using Pocus?

    Convert more free trial users to paid enterprise customers
    Find “needle in the haystack” opportunities
    Reach out to the right buyers at the right time
    Save time sifting through data

What are the core features of Pocus?

    Configurable (drag & drop) dashboard with prioritized view of opportunities & ability to dig into product & customer data
    Signal library to experiment with different signals (PQLs, MQLs, ICPs)
    Actionable alerting via Slack

Which teams does Pocus cater to?

Customer Success

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Alexa Grabell

CEO & Co-Founder at Pocus