An open source product analytics tool that enables you to track how customers engage with your product while keeping data on your own infrastructure.

Product Analytics
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What need does PostHog fulfill?

PostHog’s open-source platform enables teams to gather detailed product analytics through either a self-hosted or cloud deployment. If self-hosted, no data is shared with anyone, (including PostHog), ensuring that customer data is safe and teams are able to adhere to security regulations.

PostHog is designed for Engineers and Product Managers, enabling them to make faster, smarter decisions without relying on Data Analysts or SQL queries. It offers a growing number of tools, including session recording, heatmaps, feature flags, and more, all through a central, unified platform.

What are the benefits of using PostHog?

    Build better products by understanding user behavior
    Test and iterate new features throughout your products
    Ingest and export data without sacrificing data security

What are the core features of PostHog?

    Open source platform
    Self-hosting and cloud deployment options available
    Has the ability to scale to hundreds of millions of users and events

Which teams does PostHog cater to?


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