A warehouse-native product analytics tool to understand user behaviour and identify points of friction in the user journey.

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What need does Rakam fulfill?

Rakam addresses the need for a product analytics tool that natively integrates with a data warehouse. It allows data teams to build models on top of the data that is already available in the warehouse, enabling product, marketing, and growth teams to explore the modelled data using a visual interface.

The visual querying of data generates SQL that runs on your existing data warehouse without ever moving the data out of the warehouse. Rakam also supports CDI solutions like RudderStack, Segment Connections, and Snowplow, and offers reporting features similar to those offered by popular product analytics tools.

What are the benefits of using Rakam?

    See how your product is used to understand user behaviour
    Identify points of friction in the user journey
    Find common usage patterns amongst the most engaged users

What are the core features of Rakam?

    Funnel, Flow, and Retention Analysis
    Segmentation and Cohort Analysis
    Support for the Data Warehouse as a Data Source
    Support for dbt as the Data Modelling Layer

Which teams does Rakam cater to?


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