A self-service data discovery tool to help data teams securely manage​, document, and search data from one place.

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What need does Secoda fulfill?

The data discovery issues can be categorized into three main problems:

Accessibility: “Is there available data I can use to solve my problem and who should I talk to about it?" Finding the answer to this question often involves asking team members in person, reaching out on Slack, digging through GitHub code, sifting through job logs, etc. Secoda centralizes all this knowledge in one place.

Governance: “Who is going to be impacted by the changes I am making to this data?” In other words, a lack of granular ownership information and change management. Secoda maps the lineage of the data to help teams understand the impact of their work.

Insights: “What was the number of net new customers in Canada as of January 2020? Insights often get lost in Slack channels, private conversations, and archived reports. Secoda centralizes documentation and insights, offering teams a central source of information.

What are the benefits of using Secoda?

    Built-in data documentation templates
    Smart notifications for data documentation changes or schema updates
    Easy to navigate and built keeping in mind the needs of every team

What are the core features of Secoda?

    One-click integrations with your warehouse, BI and transformation tools
    Automated documentation and recommendations for documentation based on frequent usage
    Commenting and tagging for team collaboration

Which teams does Secoda cater to?


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Etai Mizrahi

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