Connections is a CDI solution which is Segment’s core product, Personas by Segment is a CDP, and Protocols is a data governance tool.

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What need does Segment fulfill?

Connections is Segment’s core product that offers a range of SDKs and an HTTP API to track customer data from first-party data sources — your website and apps — and sync the data to a data warehouse as well as to third-party tools. It also offers ELT capabilities, allowing you to ingest data from a range of third-party tools into your data warehouse as well as sync data between tools.

Personas, Segment’s CDP offering, is an add-on solution that enables teams to build audiences by combining data from multiple sources and syncing these audiences to a range of advertising and marketing tools for personalization purposes.

Protocols, also an add-on solution to Connections enables teams to collaborate on their tracking plan and helps engineers validate incoming data and enforce schemas to make sure data remains clean and accurate and data quality issues don’t go unnoticed.

What are the benefits of using Segment?

    Connections: Makes event data available in a variety of third-party tools as well as the data warehouse
    Personas: Enables audience-building to power personalization across the customer journey
    Protocols: Validates data at the time of collection and prevents bad data from being captured

What are the core features of Segment?

    Connections: SDKs and APIs to collect event data, store it in a warehouse, and sync it to third-party tools
    Personas: Identity resolution and audience segmentation (core CDP capabilities)
    Protocols: Data governance tool ensure data accuracy and fix data quality issues

Which teams does Segment cater to?


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