Select Star

A data discovery tool that helps catalog, organize, govern and understand a company’s data.

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What need does Select Star fulfill?

Capturing the tribal knowledge in data: Select Star automatically surfaces how data is used across an organization.  For each data asset, you can find top users, downstream dashboards, popular queries & joins, as well as similar datasets. This stays up to date without any manual maintenance.

Understanding the impact of data changes: Select Star automatically detects and displays end-to-end column-level data lineage — from raw datasets to dashboards. You can find dependencies of a dashboard as well as the downstream impact of changes in a table.

Automated data governance & organization: You can easily tag and add context to the data for others to find and understand datasets, BI dashboards, and KPI metrics. You can tag tables or columns in bulk based on keyword, popularity, recency, or even propagate tags through the downstream column-level lineage (i.e., PII tagging).

What are the benefits of using Select Star?

    Fast time to value: Get full context & automated data catalog in minutes
    Data governance: Understanding the popularity and usage patterns of datasets provides a clear picture for governance
    Accessibility: From business stakeholders and PMs to ops managers and analysts, everybody can access the data they need when they need it.

What are the core features of Select Star?

    End-to-end, column-level lineage for data warehouses and BI tools
    Automated popularity and usage analysis
    Discussions and notifications for end-user Q&A

Which teams does Select Star cater to?


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