A data orchestration platform for data engineers to easily connect tools, automate workflows, and build a solid data infrastructure.

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What need does Shipyard fulfill?

Shipyard is an orchestration platform for data engineers to build a solid data infrastructure from the get-go by connecting data tools and processes and streamlining data workflows.

Shipyard offers low-code templates that are configured using a visual interface, replacing the need to write code to build data workflows while enabling data engineers to get their work into production faster. If a solution can’t be built with existing templates, engineers can always automate scripts in the language of their choice to bring any internal or external process into their workflows.

The Shipyard team has built data products for some of the largest brands in business and deeply understands the problems that come with scale. Observability and alerting are built into the Shipyard platform, ensuring that breakages are identified before being discovered downstream by business teams.

With a high level of concurrency and end-to-end encryption, Shipyard enables data teams to accomplish more without relying on other teams or worrying about infrastructure challenges, while also ensuring that business teams trust the data made available to them. 

What are the benefits of using Shipyard?

    The work done by data teams gets into production faster
    Workflows can be templatized for repeatability and efficiency
    Time spent sifting through docs to build and maintain custom integrations is saved
    Teams can connect with any internal or external tool and need not restrict their workflows to the integrations offered by their ELT vendor
    Data teams can see every active process, prevent issues, and identify exactly what went wrong

What are the core features of Shipyard?

    Pre-built workflows and an easy-to-use visual interface
    Inbuilt monitoring of jobs and alerts
    Containerized architecture for automatic scaling and best-in-class security

Which teams does Shipyard cater to?

Data Engineering

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Blake Burch

Co-founder at Shipyard