A modern data platform with cloud data warehousing as its core offering.

Data Storage

What need does Snowflake fulfill?

Snowflake enables organizations to bring all their data from all sources into a centralized cloud data warehouse.

Storing data in a warehouse is key for businesses to adopt a Business Intelligence tool as well as to make accurate data available across all downstream SaaS applications used by various teams.

What are the benefits of using Snowflake?

    Centralization of data enables data modeling
    Acts as the foundation for data exploration via a BI tool
    Powers Reverse ETL pipelines to sync modeled data to downstream tools

What are the core features of Snowflake?

    Low-cost cloud storage with 2-3x compression
    Easy provisioning of compute clusters and multi-cluster computing for near-unlimited concurrency
    Built-in visualization via Snowsights

Which teams does Snowflake cater to?


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