A behavioral data platform (BDP) that helps organizations to capture and manage high-quality behavioral data.

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What need does Snowplow fulfill?

Building a behavioral data asset is one of the most important ways to build a competitive advantage in the modern business landscape. Snowplow enables organizations to capture and manage behavioral data at scale to create a high-quality, robust behavioral data asset they can use to gain a deeper understanding of their users and customers.

Snowplow offers data teams complete control and ownership over their data and infrastructure, enabling them to maintain data accuracy and build trust in the data across the organization.

What are the benefits of using Snowplow?

    Data quality assurance: Snowplow is built from the ground up with data quality in mind.
    Complete flexibility: As your organization evolves, you can use Snowplow to evolve your data collection strategy in line with your business objectives.

What are the core features of Snowplow?

    Complete, accurate, non-lossy data capture that helps you build assurance in your high-quality data asset
    Schematized data collection for ensuring clean, well-structured data for your analysts and data consumers
    Rich event data that gives unparalleled insights into user behavior

Which teams does Snowplow cater to?


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