A data automation tool to unify, clean, and deliver trusted customer data everywhere it’s needed — no coding required.

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What need does Syncari fulfill?

Syncari combines integration, automation, ETL, Reverse ETL, and data management into a unified, no-code platform.

This combination empowers revenue teams to access and unify fragmented data from multiple sources, automate workflows with 100+ drag-and-drop functions, and continuously improve reporting and forecasting with complete and trusted data.

Syncari deeply connects to a company’s core systems, creates a clean, unified customer view, and keeps every system in sync automatically based on predefined rules and logic.

What are the benefits of using Syncari?

    Aligned go-to-market: Unify and deliver complete, trusted data across your tech stack
    Simplified operations: Eliminate manual, repetitive workflows and data prep to unleash ops productivity
    Fast time to insight: Instantly clean, refresh and route data where and when it’s needed

What are the core features of Syncari?

    Intelligent Synapses: Access your data and meta-data instantly
    Unified data model: Get all your systems speaking the same language
    Self-healing sync: Keep cross-system data aligned and governed
    Drag-and-drop functions: Normalize, merge, route, enrich, lookup, and filter
    Automated schema management: Change schemas without breaking processes
    Data Store: Extend unified data to your BI tool in a few clicks

Which teams does Syncari cater to?

Customer Success

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