A plug-and-play tool for Sales & Revenue teams to identify users who are primed to convert to paid plans, based on product usage data.

Operational Analytics

What need does Toplyne fulfill?

Unlike the sales-led and marketing-led motions of the last two decades when software was sold to CXOs and a handful of qualified leads, the product-led era empowers anybody to start using products for free. Adoption now starts with the end-users who can sign up for a freemium plan, invite colleagues or friends to try the product and eventually convert to paid plans if and when they see the value in the product’s premium features. 

This means that Sales and Revenue teams at product-led companies have high volumes in their top-of-funnel and finding users who will pay has become increasingly difficult.

Toplyne is a plug-and-play tool that scans through product-usage data to identify users who are most likely to convert to paid plans and bubbles them up to the top in Sales CRMs. Sales teams can now focus on and customize their messaging for the highest-intent users of their product, instead of wasting time and effort on users with a low likelihood of conversion.

What are the benefits of using Toplyne?

    Toplyne helps sales teams at PLG companies increase their conversion rate
    This is achieved via a plug and play process without any engineering favors

What are the core features of Toplyne?

    Identify product qualified leads (PQLs)
    Operationalize the PQLs and integrate them to your CRMs
    Track performance and decide your next best action

Which teams does Toplyne cater to?

Customer Success

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