Trifacta is a data engineering cloud platform for data engineers and analysts to collaboratively profile, prepare, and pipeline data.

Data Governance

What need does Trifacta fulfill?

Trifacta is an open and interactive data engineering cloud platform to prepare data, ensure quality, and build automated data pipelines. Leveraging an ELT approach and using AI-assisted methodologies, data engineers and analysts can collaborate to profile data, validate data quality, accelerate data transformation, and automate data pipelines to gain advanced insights and analytics.

Trifacta democratizes data using a flexible low-code or no-code approach with live, continuous validation, enabling you to experience the immediate impact of your work. Trifacta provides an interactive, visual, and intuitive interface to deliver predictive transformations with active profiling and adaptive data quality. Complex data patterns are simplified using standardized data flows.

The Trifacta data engineering architecture is serverless, elastic, and runs on any cloud with support for best-in-class security and governance standards. This enables you to track and manage all your data requirements with built-in authentication, authorization, and encryption.

What are the benefits of using Trifacta?

    Transform data into useful, valuable data for advanced insights and analytics
    Connect to any data on any source for any application
    Profile and assess data to deliver high-quality data continuously for existing, updated, and new data
    Experience visual representations of your data from source to destination
    Automate, orchestrate and schedule data pipelines quickly and easily
    Optimize costs and scale your applications with useful data

What are the core features of Trifacta?

    Intelligent and Guided Data Transformation: Explore and understand your data at its most granular level with a visual, intuitive interface using real-time previews
    Universal Data Connectivity: Connect to any data source to meet the requirements of any application such as CRM, e-commerce, marketing analytics, and financial reporting
    Active Data Profiling: Evaluate, assess, and profile your data across different formats, schemas, attributes, and relationships
    Adaptive Data Quality: With an assistive, interpretable, actionable, and ongoing approach, you can monitor data to validate its quality and enrich the data leveraging adaptive quality rules
    Automate and Deploy Data Pipelines: Build and automate curated data pipelines into production in minutes with easy ongoing maintenance and monitoring

Which teams does Trifacta cater to?


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