A tool that hooks into your customer data and enables anyone to create, access, and manage intent-based signals across all stages of the customer journey.

Operational Analytics

What need does Variance fulfill?

Variance helps everyone in a company drive growth by making customer data accessible to customer-facing employees in a manner that enables them to act upon this data.

Variance is built around following and streams, making it easy for less-technical users to follow accounts and events, and receive real-time prospect and customer intelligence in the Variance app as well as on Slack.

What are the benefits of using Variance?

    Faster customer growth
    Better trial conversions
    Better data visibility for everyone in the company

What are the core features of Variance?

    Easy-to-manage streams of real-time customer data
    Hooks into popular CDPs and CDIs — Segment, Rudderstack, and Freshpaint
    Slack integration with the full capabilities of Variance

Which teams does Variance cater to?


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Noah Brier

Co-Founder at Variance