A business intelligence solution that lets non-technical users explore, visualize data and discover insights through natural language questions.

Business Intelligence

What need does Veezoo fulfill?

Veezoo allows users to derive insights from data by asking questions in plain English without needing to write SQL or use drag-and-drops. Veezoo is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and provides answers to questions in the form of text, tables, and visualizations.

Sales managers at an insurance company may ask Veezoo "Which customers with a non-paid claim have a policy expiring in the next 3 months?" or “Which customers that don’t have a life policy have an upcoming birthday?” while a marketing manager at a Telecom would ask "Which plan had the highest number of subscribers per phone model in the last quarter?" Veezoo provides easy-to-understand answers in seconds with data visualizations.

What are the benefits of using Veezoo?

    Enable data exploration and insight discovery for less-technical users
    Go beyond predefined questions and dashboards
    Get quick answers to your questions to derive insights from data
    Increase employee productivity and reduce IT overhead
    Enable creative problem-solving from anywhere in organization
    Create additional revenue opportunities through upsells, market trends, and more

What are the core features of Veezoo?

    Intuitive conversational interface based on state-of-the-art NLP technology
    Robust semantic modelling based on a proprietary Knowledge Graph technology
    Actionable data with exports and tight integration to other systems
    Automatic data-visualization with AI trained on theory and best practices for DataVis

Which teams does Veezoo cater to?


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Marcos Monteiro

Co-Founder and CEO of Veezoo