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What need does Xplenty fulfill?

With support for both ETL and ELT, Xplenty enables data teams to securely centralize data to a data warehouse as well as automate the preparation and transfer of data specific to the needs of a business unit — whether that be loading to operational tools, production databases, or file repositories.

Xplenty offers bi-directional connectors for all major data warehouses, data lakes, databases, as well as Salesforce, along with a wide variety of native source connectors for cloud apps.

Additionally, one can extract data from any source that offers a REST API.

What are the benefits of using Xplenty?

    Keeps data current and actionable through scheduled incremental loads as fast as every 60 seconds
    Saves engineering hours through automation of data pipelines and workflows
    Enables teams to maintain compliance and security when centralizing sensitive data

What are the core features of Xplenty?

    Destination support for all major data warehouses, data lakes, databases as well as Salesforce
    REST API connector to integrate data from nearly any source
    In-pipeline data transformation including field-level data hashing, masking, and encryption

Which teams does Xplenty cater to?


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