Zing Data

A free mobile app for collaborative business intelligence. Tap to ask questions, graph results, and get work done with your team.

Business Intelligence

What need does Zing Data fulfill?

Zing fulfills the need to query data from a mobile device, without requiring SQL knowledge. It also fulfills the need to collaborate with a team, with built-in chat functionality and shared questions.

Unlike most other BI tools which are built for users on a computer, Zing is built for mobile devices (iOS + Android), allowing users to ask questions on the go by tapping tables, filters, and aggregations.

The app features visual querying, SmartGraphs which automatically return visualizations relevant for the query, and collaboration features such as shared questions and mentions.

What are the benefits of using Zing Data?

    Query data from anywhere in just a few taps - unlike Tableau, Domo, and PowerBI which only let you view data, Zing lets you ask new questions
    Visualize and export results to your camera roll or as CSV on the go
    Make decisions with your teammates and pull the right people into the conversation with collaboration features

What are the core features of Zing Data?

    A simple but powerful visual query builder makes it easy to run queries without needing to know SQL or be at a desktop
    Search across tables, fields, and saved questions to find the right answer in seconds, and see if a teammate has already done the analysis
    Query data by just tapping the tables and fields you want. Administrators can control what tables are available from the web dashboard to ensure only the most relevant data is made available to your organization
    Use aggregations (count, count distinct, sum, group by, mean, having, etc..) to easily summarize data
    Sort fields to return the most relevant information and more easily understand the most important pieces of your data set
    Filter fields to look at only certain records or time periods or speed up queries
    Collaborate with colleagues using built in @mentions and shared questions

Which teams does Zing Data cater to?

Data Engineering

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