How to build a free Looker alternative with dbt and Google Data Studio

1000-1200 word tutorial
  Project Closed
1000-1200 word tutorial
  1. Submit application (takes 1 minute) and await client review (takes up to 3 days)
  2. Once assigned, work with the client to execute the project
  3. Get paid after the client accepts the deliverable

Project Brief

You’ll build a free LookML + Looker alternative using dbt + Google Data Studio and Metriql to sync the dbt models to Google Data Studio. You’ll then create a tutorial explaining step-by-step how you defined metrics as code with Metriql on top of dbt and then sync these metrics to Google Data Studio to query and visualize the data directly from Snowflake. You can finish the tutorial by shortly outlining the differences and similarities between using LookML and Metriql.

Project Eligibility

You must have first-hand experience using dbt to transform your data inside a modern cloud data warehouse like Snowflake, BigQuery or RedShift. You must also have experience modelling data for BI tools. Looker experience is a plus but not required if you can learn enough to write a blog from the internet.

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